Core Elements, Human Resources Outsourcing and Consulting, Inc.

Thank You To Our First Nation Clients

2008 September 04

Core Elements HR have a steadfast commitment to maximizing the work environments of all of our clients and consider each and every one unique and different. At this time in the history of our organization we have a number of special clients who are First Nations.

We welcome the opportunity to work with these organizations and the communities they serve and so whilst it was not our intent from the outset to specialize in this arena, over the last 8 years we have come to have extensive knowledge and interest in First Nations HR structures and the sometimes complex concerns and issues that arise.

In our perfect world, we would take this opportunity and say thank you to our First Nation clients in their native languages. We realize though, that there are at least seven different major First Nations language families in BC alone and within those there are at least 30 known regional dialects. So, whilst we consider ourselves to be specialists within the First Nation HR field we obviously, cannot in anyway say we are First Nation linguists.

This, then will have to suffice – thank you to our clients for your continued belief in us and the services that we provide and may we continue to learn from each other.


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