Core Elements, Human Resources Outsourcing and Consulting, Inc.

Here we go…

2008 July 07

So, here we go! Welcome to our new web site and first ever blog. It’s been quite the journey but we’re thrilled with the outcome and we hope you find our new site to be both user friendly and informative.

What we thought would take a month, give or take, has taken several, we have been through numerous design changes – what colour background, which pictures to choose, should we increase the size of the headings and on and on! Working with great people on the project helped immensely and we recommend if you ever go down this route to do the same. Not only did we overhaul our website but also our letterhead, business cards and envelopes which will unify our whole look and move us forward to the next 15 years of business. So, while our external look may have changed our commitment to our clients is still our number one priority. Thanks to Becky and Sherwin at for their guidance, design expertise and patience throughout all of this.

Our expectation with this blog is to always be interesting, sometimes funny, sometimes provocative. As they say (who are they?) WATCH THIS SPACE ……

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