Core Elements, Human Resources Outsourcing and Consulting, Inc.


2009 March 19

The word change can conjure many emotions a sense of uncertainty and unease but also excitement, a time for new beginnings and challenges.  Change is a constant in our world and no more so than right now, with every day seeming to record more bad news on the economic front and the subsequent impact on our economy and the way we live.  This word is definitely resonating with our neighbours to the south, with the inauguration of the first black President and the “yes we can” attitude, affiliated to him throughout his campaign and election.

Here in our own small community at Core Elements HR we have made some very positive changes in recent months.  Maybe they won’t go down in the history books, that’s ok with us, but they have changed our company and the way we do business.   And to you our clients, you will derive the benefit of these changes.

We have moved from a sole proprietorship operation to an incorporated organization (Core Elements HR Consulting & Outsourcing Inc. ) withour losing any of the quality or “hands on” service that has built our success to this point.  We have grown the business by adding a second technician as well as a dedicated trainer/facilitator and a specialized head hunter.

We plan to continue developing our procedures and services around our team concept and hold fast to our mandates which are:

  • To solve workplace problems better than anyone else
  • To build capacity and career progression
  • To improve morale and satisfaction
  • To enhance production and efficiency
  • To create lasting infrastructure

So whilst change for change’s sake is most often a useless exercise, change for a reason can be life altering.

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